Recovery Rapids makes therapeutic exercise fun!

Recovery Rapids is a river rapids adventure game that delivers high-repetition massed practice of the weaker hand, arm, and trunk. Body movements are captured by the Microsoft Kinect sensor to power a kayak downstream.

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  • Recovery Rapids for Stroke
  • Recovery Rapids for Balance
  • Recovery Rapids Personal edition



Our simple user interface enables you to generate personalized game-based rehabilitation in less than 1 minute. While you teach your clients to produce their best possible movements during game play, our software “learns” how well each client can perform each movement. It will then serve as your assistant, only reinforcing movements that are done well. Through the feedback provided by the game, your clients can experience some of the benefits of a therapist, even when you are not present. As your client improves, difficulty increases automatically.



  • Web portal to track progress in-clinic or remotely.
  • Encourages carry-over of motor gains to daily activities
  • Fast set-up and continuous high-repetition practice.
  • Co-developed by patient partners and neurorehabilitation researchers.


Enhanced care

  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Increase intensity and adherence to training between therapy sessions
  • Prepare for pay-for-performance healthcare

Games to train:
  • Upper extremity and trunk (Constraint Induced Movement therapy)
  • Balance